About Us

People often ask, “What kind of church is the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)?”  We are a historical church, born on the American frontier in the 1800s in the context of freedom, expansion, and revivals.

We are a people of the Book, believing the Bible is the inspired word of God and recognizing that interpretation is the privilege and responsibility of everyone. We are a congregational people, accepting responsibility for the care of the property, facilities, and staff; and welcoming women and men in leadership.

  • We are a people of the Table, offering communion each week to all followers of Jesus, regardless of church affiliation.
  • We are a people of open membership, practicing baptism by immersion and welcoming believers from other traditions.
  • We are a people of unity, seeking the unity of God’s church.
  • We are a people of the cross, believing in the life, suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • We are a people of diversity, embracing all ages and races.
  • We are a giving church, sharing our members, gifts, and financial resources with the whole church and community.
  • We are an inclusive church, welcoming all people.
  • We welcome you and others to join us as we continue the journey of faith and spiritual growth.