Active Ageless Adults (AAA)

AAA is a group of active adults of all ages who want to continue to learn, to enjoy fellowship with each other, and to participate fully in the world around us. The group is open to all ages of adults and to all Valley members and friends. We welcome new comers!

The AAA Senior’s enjoyed the trip to Tuscaloosa on May 22, 2024 to visit with our former Pastor Gary Edge. We also visited the Paul “Bear” Bryant museum on the campus of the University of Alabama. We had lunch at one of our favorite places the Blue Plate Café.


On April 11, 2024 our AAA group visited Wetumpka, Alabama. We started at the welcome center where we were welcomed by the mayor. We then browsed the shops, had a wonderful lunch and then were treated to a guided tour of the meteor crater and surrounding area. It was a fantastic and educational trip.