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Wedding Arrangement Guidelines

 We are pleased you plan to be married and that you want to use the services of Valley Christian Church.  The act of giving and receiving each other in faith and trust before God and friends is a very beautiful part of the Marriage Service.  A part of Valley Christian Church’s ministry is to provide guidance and a place for the performance of your Christian Marriage Ceremony.  Because it is an occasion of joy and an act of worship, the church and the staff wish to assist you in the planning of this important and holy occasion.


The Minister wants to be available to help you in the planning of our Wedding Service.  Because it is such a significant event in your life together, the Minister requires (except under unusual circumstances) several premarital conferences.  These will cover such areas as the meaning of marriage, the wedding plans, and your new life together.  It is therefore important that you contact the Minister as soon as possible to arrange these informal conferences and to confirm your wedding date.

Guest Minister:

If a guest Minister is to officiate, then adequate advance arrangements are to be made with Valley Christian Church’s Minister.  The guest Minister should contact Valley’s Minister as soon as possible and before any final plans are made.  A minimum of 30 days notice is required.  All guest Ministers are to remember that the wedding is a holy and joyous religious act of worship.

Date and Time:

The wedding date should be set as early as possible.  You may contact the church office Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon to make the reservation.  The sanctuary cannot be reserved if the date and hour conflict with worship services.

Wedding Coordinator:

The Church requires a VCC Wedding Coordinator who will  assist the Wedding party in the heating/air conditioning, lighting, locking and unlocking the doors, etc.


Kitchen facilities are available for use during the reception.  However, the wedding party or caterer will be responsible to clean and restore the kitchen to order.  Food and refreshments may be served during the reception.  Normally, the preparation of food must be substantially performed by a caterer at the caterer’s kitchen.  The church kitchen facilities may be used to warm and preserve prepared dishes during the ceremony.

The church has chairs and tables available for use at the reception if so desired.  The setup and arrangement of chairs and tables may be accomplished by the couple’s caterer or designated representative.  Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted  anywhere within the church or education building or on church grounds.

Confetti, etc.

No confetti, rice, or bird seed may be thrown in any part of the church sanctuary, educational building, or walks and steps outside the buildings.  Only silk flower petals can be used.


The couple reserving the church for their wedding will be responsible for any damage or abuse of any church property other than normal wear.  Damages will be billed to the responsible couple.

Fee  (schedule on back)

A deposit of one half of the fee is required at the time of the scheduling of the wedding.  The balance is due 30 days  prior to the Wedding date. If the wedding is canceled after the 30 days then the deposit is (1/2 of fee) is non-refundable.

Marriage License

You apply for your marriage license at any county Court house.  Call the Courthouse for current fees and requirements.


Fee Schedule – Call the Church (879-0419)


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