Zoom Instructions for Meeting Planning

Instructions for Using Valley Zoom Meetings

There are four Zoom meetings set up for use by Valley officers, group leaders, and department heads whenever they wish to convene a video/audio meeting with their group members.  These are described below:

  1. Valley Worship Service – this is a recorded meeting intended only for use for Sunday Worship Services. This meeting will start and recording will begin as soon as the first person dials into the phone meeting or connects on the computer.

    A host is not necessary, but typical host duties include renaming attendees who join by phone to hide their numbers and to identify who is speaking whenever they participate.  The host may also mute any participants who may have failed (or are unable) to mute themselves.  The host cannot unmute anyone, but can select “Ask to Unmute” as an indication for video participants that they are not being heard.  The host can also designate a cohost who will also have some abilities to manage the meeting.

  2. Valley Meeting 1 (unrecorded) – this is set up for any group who does not need a recording of their meeting. It is used regularly by the Bible Study group on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m.  It has also been used by the elders on the second Monday night of the month at 7:00 p.m.

    No host is needed – the meeting will start as soon as the first participant joins.

  3. Valley Meeting 2 (unrecorded) – this is a second meeting set up for any occasions when two groups want to meet at overlapping times. One group would use Valley Meeting 1 and the other would use Valley Meeting 2.

    No host is needed – the meeting will start as soon as the first participant joins.

  4. Valley Recorded Meeting – this is for groups that want to have a recording of their meeting after it is over. This is the link commonly used for Board Meetings and Cabinet Meetings.  It might also be used for presentations when some may be unable to view the presentation live.

    No host is needed – the meeting will start as soon as the first participant joins.  Without a host, the recording will start when the first participant joins and end when all participants have left the meeting.

Instructions for planning a meeting using one of the Valley Zoom links:

  1. Choose the date and time for your meeting.
  2. Decide whether or not the meeting needs to be recorded (uncommon).
  3. If the meeting will be on a Tuesday evening or on a Monday night, there is a chance that Valley Meeting 1 will be in use by the Bible Study or the elders. In that case, unrecorded meetings should use Valley Meeting 2.
  4. Once you have selected which of the three links you want to use (Valley Meeting 1, Valley Meeting 2, or Valley Recorded Meeting), notify your committee or fellowship group of the date, time, and which link to use. Please include the email address [email protected]  on the invitation, so Marilyn Ireland can help identify overlapping meetings that may try to use the same link.
  5. You may send participants to the church website (vccbhm.org) where they can select the correct link from the menu item “LINKS TO ZOOM” or note the phone number and meeting ID if they are joining by audio only.
  6. Or, you may copy the appropriate link and phone information from the website yourself and then paste it into the email to your attendees.
  7. Be aware of members of your group who may not get email, and notify them by phone which Meeting ID to use.
  8. Make sure that all participants know that a Passcode of 205879 may be required to join any of these meetings.
  9. About 10 minutes before your meeting is scheduled to start, click the link or dial the number and enter the proper Meeting ID to start the meeting. This will give you time to verify your audio and video are working and will allow those who join early to know they are in the right meeting.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, please let Marilyn Ireland know or contact Ed Guindon (205-709-6626).


Sample invitation may be:

The education group will be meeting by Zoom on Thursday, November XX at 7:00 p.m.  We will use Valley Meeting 1 which can be accessed on the church website (www.vccbhm.org), or you may use the information below to join the meeting:

Valley Meeting 1 (unrecorded)  – (also used by Bible Study Group)

ID 829 5294 8962, Passcode 205879

By computer, smart phone or tablet:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82952948962?pwd=SXFheDBOYWtlNmE0WERKVzdnVmRPZz09

By Phone:  1 (312) 626 6799    ID 829 5294 8962, Passcode 205879

(information was copied directly from the website and pasted here).